A Meditation On Renewal

A Meditation On Renewal

This morning, through a brief break in the rainstorms that have been bearing down on us this winter season, I took advantage of the opening in the clouds to walk to our nearby beach. Just two days ago the beach was a tranquil, brilliant blue pond; this morning the whitecaps crashed and swirled violently over the rocks with a fierceness that served to remind me how fragile I am, and how brief is this life.

Across the beach lay scattered bits of flotsam that had been tossed up by the sea. I saw enormous logs whose edges had been softened by their journey, along with bright plastic pieces and boards with their nails still protruding. I gazed upon these disparate offerings and couldn’t help but wonder what stories they might tell if they could speak. Some may have landed from as far away as Japan, cast into the sea many months ago by the tsunami that leveled whole towns. Others might have drifted here from other areas of California, or perhaps floated down from as far north as Alaska. But regardless of their original purpose or point of origin, these objects all bear one thing in common. They’re all being inexorably ground down into their original atoms and molecules…out of which will emerge new aspects of living creation. To bear witness to this dance of creative destruction is as close as a human heart can come to grasping the miracle that is life itself.If we were to watch a decaying log long enough, we would see new life slowly rising from its disintegrating parts. Mosses would root inside of it and seedlings would burst through its cracks. Insects would feed on the minerals being released by its decay. These in turn would be eaten by birds and other small mammals, who themselves would gradually make their way through the food chain.

Gaze at the fingers on your own hand. If you look with your heart and with your imagination, you can see the rain molecules there, along with those of the clouds, the trees, the animals, the sun, the very stars in the heavens that have exploded in bygone eras and flung themselves through space to create the things that now create us.

Amidst all the death that exists, there is always rebirth. Life is the most efficient recycler there is. Nothing in life gets wasted; nothing is ever destroyed in our wondrous cosmos. That is the miracle of life. Too often, we fear that we won’t ever have enough, or that we’ll somehow lose ourselves through the dissolution of form that is death; but these are only the fevered imaginings of minds too tiny to grasp the truth of creation.

We are here. What a blessing that is! And in every moment, we each have the ability to be reborn to this truth, by renewing within ourselves our commitment to becoming the absolute best version of ourselves we can possibly be. We can choose this not merely to advance our own short-term survival, but because to do anything less with this gift of life would be to sell short the only opportunity the world will ever have to experience us, as the best we can be. Worse, it means we’d sell short our only opportunity to experience for ourselves what we can become when we strive to discover the best within ourselves, and to bring that forth.

We can live our dreams. Or we can, in quiet desperation, live out our excuses. But in either case, please know there will never be another you – one quite so exquisitely unique and precious and fine – in all the world. Across the infinite vastness of space and through the eternal mists of time, this is your holy NOW. I invite you then, to renew your determination to become the best you you can possibly become, and to deliver that into this world out of the sheer, exuberant, unquenchable joy of bearing witness to your own self-actualization. There’s no need for any of us to demand that the world reward us for having had that experience than the reward of having the experience itself. Our ability, as self-aware humans, to be fully conscious and observant of our own magnificence is the greatest gift any of us can receive in this life.

Live your life fully. Be yourself truly. Honor and respect all others who are taking this journey with you, wherever they are in the process of fully becoming. Embrace the mystery that has gifted you this awesome opportunity to discover what is finest about yourself and to manifest it. And know, in every moment – no matter what form this life takes – you will be gifted the opportunity to renew your commitment to life…as life, everlasting.

 Article by Eileen Workman, author of ”Sacred Economics: The Currency of Life”
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  1. Theresa says:

    So much we take for granted in this life, as if time has no meaning. A deeply touching reminder of what a precious gift we have been given and to live it well. Thank you for sharing this.

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