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Illuminating the Shadow

Posted by on Jul 29, 2017 in Most Recent | 0 comments

Let’s talk about fear. Fear drives our impulses to forcibly control others, and to try and make the whole world behave as we want. Fear stimulates our mistrust of one another. It fosters close-mindedness, terror, judgment, bullying, frustration, and the awful destruction of human-on-human violence. Fear explains why we fight endlessly for our “cut” of turf, resources, money, power, status, position, etc. But why does fear rise within us today in such ever-increasing waves, and how can we encourage our fear to abate? I invite...

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Transcending Hypocrisy

Posted by on Jun 3, 2017 in Most Recent | 0 comments

Hypocrisy appears to be running rampant in the human race at this point in time. I’m not interested in calling out the hypocrisy I observe in specific individuals so much as I am in discussing why it appears so common today. My thoughts? Hypocrisy emerges in our behaviors because we have not yet successfully discovered how to “collapse” our competing frameworks for reality into a single, unified approach to the whole of life. Instead, from childhood on we absorb, mostly without question, any number of ways to frame reality....

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Our Energy Quality Determines Our Output Quality

Posted by on May 23, 2017 in Most Recent | 0 comments

At some point, humanity’s fear of the unknown becomes eclipsed by its horrible realization of what is known, because the evidence can no longer be denied, suppressed, or ignored. Such moments historically mark the occasions when human beings coalesce to bring about change. Unfortunately, when we wait to initiate change until we absolutely hate what is present, real and true for us all, we then usually resort to desperate measures. These include warfare, bullying, suppression of competing ideas and beliefs, torture, mass murder,...

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Choosing Destiny

Posted by on May 11, 2017 in Most Recent | 0 comments

Sometimes, it’s useful to ask yourself: What do I gain by continuing the course of action I am taking, and what might I gain by choosing an alternative course of action? So often we find ourselves on a course of action that demands we argue with another until one of us goes away shamed or chastened and the other party can declare itself the proud winner. But how do we get to the point of committing such violence in our conversations? I would suggest we arrive at that point for one reason: in the heat of a given high-energy moment,...

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Becoming The Tree Of Life

Posted by on Apr 22, 2015 in Most Recent | 1 comment

I believe that the invitation to truly live requires us to be rooted in a deep trust of life. This rooting is grounded in openness, watered with courage, fertilized by compassion, expressed with kindness, blossoms through patience, and–when fully mature—embodies peace. A fully flowering life can only emerge after we dissolve our own hard shell of expectation that surrounds the boundless life force that we are, but that mainly lies dormant in most of us, because it remains confined inside an unfulfilled “story of me.” Our...

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Musings on Truth

Posted by on Sep 8, 2014 in Most Recent | 0 comments

It seems to me that many of the battles within humanity today arise because most of us have no idea how to differentiate what we believe from what is true. We don’t know how to separate our opinions from bare facts. We have not been consistently encouraged to critically think, and in fact have too often been chastised for even trying. The human species today appears to be remarkably long on beliefs and opinions, and relatively short on facts and knowledge. What we each imagine we know seems far, far greater than what we genuinely know....

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The Limits of Capitalism, and the Emergence of Organic Systems Awareness

Posted by on Jul 19, 2014 in Most Recent | 0 comments

Here’s what hit me between the eyes this morning: For centuries now, humanity has been using the free market system as our primary means for exchanging goods and services. We’ve been taught that the “wisdom” of the market is sufficient for setting the prices for all such interpersonal exchanges. By inviting buyer and seller to reach agreement around what the cost of a product should be, we assume these transactions will inform the larger market what should be produced, why, and who gets it. We’ve long accepted...

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There IS a Reason for Living

Posted by on Jun 23, 2014 in Most Recent | 1 comment

Modern society—which has become almost totally externalized, objective, mechanistic and materialist in its worldview—informs us that we live in a random, purposeless, dead and dumb universe. All that really matters in such a world is satisfying the body’s biological needs until we die. So the more sensory satisfaction we can generate for ourselves (and for those few others whom we really care about) the better. Control the world’s externalities so they can’t upend your little corner of reality, and life will be fine. Allow...

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The First Lesson

Posted by on Jun 22, 2014 in Most Recent | 0 comments

Here we are In the Garden of Creation Like Children In this sandbox of Life We smack one another On the head Our plastic shovels fly As we cry and wail “Mine…that’s mine!” It seems we have yet To embody the First Life Lesson Share, beloveds. Play together. Together we can build Such beautiful castles of sand.

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The Highest Truth of Conscious Evolution

Posted by on Jun 10, 2014 in Most Recent | 1 comment

At the level of archetypes, the Divine Masculine represents the external, objective aspect of reality and the Divine Feminine represents the internal, subjective aspect of reality. For ages these twin aspects of human consciousness have been acting out a play of duality. By granting each of them a turn in the spotlight (first the feminine in the form of the Mother Goddess, and then the masculine in the form of the Father God) we’ve been able to experience and appreciate their cognitive differences, their unique emotional ranges, and their...

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