The Highest Truth of Conscious Evolution

At the level of archetypes, the Divine Masculine represents the external, objective aspect of reality and the Divine Feminine represents the internal, subjective aspect of reality. For ages these twin aspects of human consciousness have been acting out a play of duality. By granting each of them a turn in the spotlight (first the feminine in the form of the Mother Goddess, and then the masculine in the form of the Father God) we’ve been able to experience and appreciate their cognitive differences, their unique emotional ranges, and their discrete physical capacities. And by performing this dance on our behalf, our twin essences have also begun to realize, as well as to love and appreciate, the truth of who they are and why they’re here.

As a result of this ongoing dance of duality, we humans are gradually learning that we cannot worship one of these archetypes while denigrating the other. We cannot elevate one to power while forcing the other into submission. We cannot trust the value of one while mistrusting the worth of the other. We cannot reward one while punishing the other. We cannot appreciate the gifts of one while rejecting the capacities of the other. We cannot glorify one while vilifying the other. We cannot love one while despising the other.

Above all, we cannot abide in one and extinguish the other.
That’s because the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine are the conjoined twins of the existential experience that forms the essence of life itself. Together they create the invisible, intangible DNA that is our consciousness. Like the DNA within matter, they are also fully twinned strands, having been birthed within us as such by Divine Decree.

“What the Divine has joined together let not humanity tear asunder.”

Human adolescence—that gloriously brash, yet horrifically self-conscious time when young people begin awakening to the complexities of life by questioning the past and separating from their own conditioned beliefs, feelings and reactions in order to activate their higher responsive capacities—has carried us this far…but it can carry us no farther as a species. Our capacities for self-conscious external projection (pure masculine) and self-conscious internal reflection (pure feminine) served us well during our species’ childhood. The time has arrived, however, for us to consciously and lovingly fuse within ourselves that which has already been conjoined by Divine Wisdom on every other level of existence. Only by becoming consciously whole, through the assent of our own free will, will we transform our limited sense of self-consciousness and thus transcend its limitations. Through that choice, we can empower ourselves to outgrow all the suffering our species has generated over the eons due to our perceptions of lack, our feelings of fear, and the painful experiences caused by the illusion of separation.

By definition, self-consciousness demands that we experience separation. For we cannot feel self-conscious unless we perceive that something exists beyond and outside the self. As long as our consciousness remains stubbornly divided into an mental sense of self and not-self, an emotional distinction between subjective and objective, and a physical separation between inner and outer, at any given time it’s likely that only half of our total capacity is active on the ground of our beingness. Meanwhile, the other half of our consciousness—be it our divine feminine or our divine masculine archetype—has been temporarily banished to the shadow lands of our subconscious realms. From deep within those shadows, the half of ourselves we’ve temporarily rendered useless will cry out to its twin for appreciation and understanding, for love and compassion, and for the joy of physical reunification. And as time passes, whichever conscious half of our beingness has claimed for itself the holy ground of awareness will begin to lose its balance, as well as all sense of purpose and direction, because it lacks the stabilizing, supportive and loving influence of its own precious twin.

Many people today are experiencing the conscious reconnection of these divine archetypal twins within themselves. Any of us can, in a single instant, exercise our free will and decide to fuse the twin halves of our self into wholeness. The energy required to complete this circuit of awareness in the physical realm is the energy of unconditional love, which is the only energy powerful enough to alchemize the fear of fusion that was created by the dance of separation. Also required are boundless patience and acceptance as we weed out the woeful tales of mutual grievance that each of our twin halves carry, and by which they self-define. We must allow them ample time and space to release their stories of fear, heartbreak and mistrust if we are to re-sanctify the shared holy ground of beingness. The process seems to be one of consciously remembering, and then during periods of high stress retreating into the dance of separation, only to remember the truth once again when our stress abates. This remembering arises each time we act out an old pattern of separation and it fails to produce the life results we desire. Our longing for something brilliant and new inspires us to change.

To shine the light of awareness on the shadow of separation, our shadow halves must be willing to step freely into the blazing light of presence, without knowing or being able to control what happens next.

This act requires our absolute surrender, which is the single most courageous thing we can do. We must give ourselves over entirely to whatever will be made known to us, and felt by us, and experienced by us the moment this conscious fusion of our twin halves has taken place, which is where our fear abides. We fear that our past mistakes have rendered us unworthy of a beautiful tomorrow. Our nagging sense of “not good enough” creates emotional anxiety, and compels us to try and physically control tomorrow’s outcome, which in turn demands that we remain hyper-vigilant and maintain our sense of separation from the whole of life. Ironically, the solution can only be found within the problem. We can’t be good enough until we acknowledge we’re already whole. And we can’t feel whole so long as we imagine we’re not good enough.

Metaphorically speaking then, our twinned halves must willingly walk, hand in hand, from the borderlands of the shadows and into the light. As a newly conjoined self, it must then present itself as a loving, unified field in the light of Pure Presence. Only by fully honoring the sacred half of itself that it once blamed, shamed and denied can the Divine Masculine self marry the Divine Feminine self and receive the blessing of conscious awareness as its gift.

Once we have consciously fused our divine masculine and divine feminine halves through our relaxed acceptance of their sacred union, we no longer feel the compulsion to either project or reflect out of fear of what the separated half of our psyche might feel, think, or do if we set it free. We no longer feel distanced from ourselves, from one another, or from life. Instead—in real and present space-time—we discover that our whole self has the ability to absorb information, feel into the truth of what is, and have experiences without the need to withdraw and reflect about what it all means. Concurrently, we realize we have the power to radiate wisdom, express compassion and offer our highest response to whatever is, right here and now.

We thus become like a sun as we mature into our wholeness. We’re omnipresent. And as we grow more masterful at co-creating consciously, we do so with purity of intention and on behalf of the whole of life, which includes ourselves. No longer are we caught up in rationalizing each of our separated half’s ideas, or trying to validate their feelings, or justifying the actions they took in defense of their separate self. Those needs dissolve because we see the higher truth, and it sets us free.

To become a light worker doesn’t mean that our physical bodies will become actual light beams, or that we lose our connection with the material world. It means we’ve successfully fused our masculine and feminine halves by requesting and receiving the blessing of consciousness. With that we can set ablaze the fire of our own higher light. We become free to allow that light to express its awesome love for the all, and to invite others to bask in the warmth and love of its glowing omnipresence.

Today, at this crucial juncture in human evolution, we serve life best by—first and foremost—embodying this conscious fusion of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine…and then by allowing others to notice, through our shining example, how peaceful and joyful this conscious marriage can be, so they too can create that perfect and loving union within themselves.

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    Delicious. Truly.

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