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"Sacred Economics: The Currency of Life."

“What diminishes one of us diminishes us all, while what enhances one of us enhances us all.”

This philosophy for engaging with each other to create a new and higher vision for humanity’s future lays the cornerstone for Sacred Economics, which explores the history, evolution and dysfunctional state of our global economy from a new perspective. By encouraging us to stop viewing our world through a monetary framework, Sacred Economics invites us to honor reality rather than exploit it as a means for short-term financial profiteering.

Sacred Economics doesn’t blame capitalism for the problems we’re facing; it explains why we’ve outgrown the aggressive growth engine that drives our global economy. As a maturing species, we’re in need of new social systems that better reflect our modern life situation. By deconstructing our shared (and often unexamined) beliefs about how our economy works, Sacred Economics creates an opening through which to reimagine and redefine human society.

Sacred Economics is written from a non-denominational, spiritually driven perspective and attempts to explain why humans feel drawn to creative exchange, and how – in the interest of becoming the best we can collectively be – we might consciously direct our attention toward the purposeful design of a more compassionate, cooperative and abundantly flowing economic system. It encourages us to move beyond our present systems gridlock by emulating the successes of nature, thereby opening a channel for tapping the myriad possibilities within the infinitely creative, eternal flow that is life.

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Sign up NOW for my upcoming FREE teleclass, “Sacred Economics and the Co-Creation of Abundance. The class will be held on January 22nd, 2014 from 5-6 PM PST, and is being sponsored by the Hummingbird Community Living school.

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