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Raindrops of Love


Sacred Economics

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Eileen Workman

Eileen Workman spent sixteen years in the financial industry as First Vice President of Investments at a major Wall Street firm. After a profound spiritual awakening, she departed the high-powered world of money and wrote Sacred Economics: The Currency of Life, which questions assumptions about the nature of capitalism. The book is about directing our attention toward the purposeful design of a more compassionate, cooperative, and abundantly flowing economic system from a spiritually driven perspective. Her recent offering, Raindrops Of Love For A Thirsty World, is a timely spiritual guide to surviving and thriving in today’s pervasive, gloomy atmosphere of alienation and fear. Raindrops of Love For a Thirsty World lays out a path to lifelong self-actualization and reconnection through a shared consciousness.

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“What diminishes one of us diminishes us all, while what enhances one of us enhances us all.”
This philosophy for engaging with each other to create a new and higher vision for humanity’s future lays the cornerstone for Sacred Economics, which explores the history, evolution and dysfunctional state of our global economy from a new perspective. By encouraging us to stop viewing our world through a monetary framework, Eileen Workman invites us to honor reality rather than exploit it as a means for short-term financial profiteering.

Sacred Economics doesn’t blame capitalism for the problems we’re facing; it explains why we’ve outgrown the aggressive growth engine that drives our global economy. As a maturing species, we’re in need of new social systems that better reflect our modern life situation. By deconstructing our shared (and often unexamined) beliefs about how our economy works, Sacred Economics creates an opening through which we can reimagine and redefine human society.

Eileen Workman, with powerful messages from spirit, hints at the human journey while opening up possibilities for inspiring a healthy sense of self love in order to propel readers beyond suffering and into the fullest, most beautiful expression of themselves.

Sheryl Glick,

host of Healing From Within

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